Watch a Lifted Ford F-250 Play in the Woods

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f250 woods mud

This week’s Muddy video features what looks to be a 9th generation Ford F-250 pickup out playing in a muddy, wooded area. We don’t have any details on this big Ford and I believe that the fender says F-250 when it comes past the camera, but it is clear that this big Ford has an extensive lift kit to make room for a set of meaty mud tires. Also, it sounds like it is powered by a gasoline V8.

The video begins with the Ford F-250 off in the distance, approaching a set of deep, muddy ruts in the woods. These ruts are deep enough to swallow up most trucks, but this modded F-250 has no issue easily pushing through the mud and further into the woods.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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