Muddy Monday: Ford Escape Goes Muddin’?

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Russian Ford Escape shows us what it’s capable of in an off-road setting!

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a Ford Kuga (a European Escape) storming through a variety of mud holes somewhere in the Russian countryside. While this small crossover is one of the best-selling vehicles in the US, it’s never been popular for its off-road prowess. However, this video by AUTOMANANIA shows us just how well it handles off-road exercises.

The Ford Kuga features unique engine options for the Russian market when compared to the Escape sold in the United States. Unfortunately, there aren’t any details or sound on this video, so we don’t know what engine is under the hood of this specific Ford. Engine aside, it appears as though this Kuga/Escape has a stock ride height, and normal street tires and wheels, so we would guess it’s pretty bone stock. Thankfully for us, that didn’t prevent it from stomping through the slop!


The Kuga makes short work of a muddy path, and easily climbs an odd rock hill. Furthermore, the small crossover isn’t challenged while wading through deep water in a few different places.

None of the mud obstacles appear to be particularly harsh, but they are severe enough to showcase the capabilities of the Ford Kuga. This is a great example for Ford Escape owners to see what their rides are capable of!

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