Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama

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Fifth generation Ford Bronco rides so high, even large water crossings don’t face it!

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a fifth generation (1992-1996) Ford Bronco playing in a mud bog that is very wet and very deep.

The video begins as the Bronco nears the mud for the first time, all clean and showcasing the flamboyant blue paint job. It is evident that this particular Bronco doesn’t have a factory chassis or drivetrain components. Instead, a massive purpose-built chassis and suspension setup with a healthy-sounding V8 announce their presence via the headers hanging down from under the body. Most notably, it appears as though the tires might be taller than the body of the vehicle, which allows the classic Ford SUV to slip from one side of the mud hole to the other without any issues.


Early on, the muddy water seems shallow enough that the big Bronco doesn’t really need to try, but eventually the blue Ford hits a deep mud hole. At times, the huge tires are completely submerged, meaning that a stock Bronco from this era would likely be in over the roof in these deeper sections.

Watch the video and find out how it ends!

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