Ford Bronco II Goes for a Mudding (Video)

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Bronco II

MUDDY MONDAY: ‘Bucky’ Makes a Splash at Stewarts Mud Bog

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a Ford Bronco II playing in the slop. The muddy play took place at the Stewarts Mud Bog in picturesque Stanton, Michigan. We don’t have details on this Bronco II, but since the video starts with this modified SUV clean — we at least get a good look at it before it’s coated in mud.

Judging by the the frame’s length in relation to the body, we would guess that this Ford is based on something other than a Bronco II frame. That being said, the small SUV body has been nicely fitted to the big chassis. As a result, it’s created one mean looking mud truck! It’s also clear from the engine roar that there is a monster V8 motor under the hood. Presumably, it allows this little Ford to power through the deepest and chunkiest slop.

Before the mud flies we can also see that this Ford Bronco II has a serious suspension setup. It puts the front wheels ahead of the body, while all-four rubbers extend far enough that fitting monster truck tires wasn’t an issue. Finally, like any good mud truck, this little Bronco sports the name “Bucky” along the sides. We’re not sure if the driver’s name is Bucky, or if that’s the truck’s nickname. But this Bronco could definitely be called Bucky! You know, like a bucking bronco.

The video starts with the Ford Bronco II entering the pit shiny and red, but it only takes about 10 seconds before mud cascaded down the rig. While this small SUV got plenty dirty battling the deep mud, it was able to make it from side to side without breaking a sweat.

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