Watch a Ford F-350 Save a Bronco

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bronco pulled by F350

This week’s Muddy video reminds us that some days you beat the mud and some days the mud beats you. In this case, the mud got the best of this O.J. era Ford Bronco.

We don’t get to see the Bronco attempt to cross the murky, watery mud pit, as when the video starts, the F-350 is already beginning to pull the SUV out of the deep hole.

This is one of those mud holes that is deceivingly deep, and anyone who has done any measure of mudding has been in the same situation as this Bronco. You roll up to a hole that is filled with muddy water, and there are no signs that the hole is very deep or that the footing is very soft.

You ease in, realizing that it is deeper than you expected and when you gun it to pull through the slop – you get nothing but wheel spin. Luckily, the F-350 dually is able to get hooked up to the Bronco in an area with better footing, but with the help of a fellow Ford driver, this high riding SUV is pulled to safety.


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