Muddy Monday: F-250 Super Duty Jams in the Slop

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Ford FTE

Will High-riding Ford Truck Get Swamped by Massive Mud Hole?

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a Ford F-250 Super Duty (which is incorrectly labeled as an F-150 in the title) playing in a deep, watery mud hole. There are on details on this F-250, but it is clear that the owner has added a pretty substantial suspension package that has this F-Series pickup riding much higher than your average F-250. That big lift allows for plenty of space for the aftermarket wheels wrapped in some big, beefy off-road tires.

The video begins with this massive F-250 off in the distance, driving down a steep dirt hill and building up plenty of speed before splashing down into the watery mud hole. On this first run, the driver of this big Ford stays to the edge of the water, presumably checking to see how well his F-250 gets through the slop. But, after breezing through the mud on the first run along the edge, the driver aims for the heart of the slop on the next run.

As the F-250 races away from the camera, the driver plows hard into the muddy water, spraying mud high into the air before the Ford truck begins slowly digging its way back to the shore.


On the third run through the mud, the F-250 hits hard and then slows down, causing the truck to work a bit harder to get to dry ground. But, in an effort to show just how easily this F-Series pickup conquers the mud, the driver makes the next run backwards.

Finally, the video ends with the Ford F-250 making one more hard run through the middle of the mud hole, charging up the hill and coming to rest, perfectly displaying the evenly-covered pickup.

Unfortunately, there is some odd Reggae music playing in the background, which doesn’t really fit. So, you might want to keep your speakers turned down for this F-250 mudding fun.

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