Watch a PowerStroked Ford F-250 Save the Day

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f250 pulls semi

This week’s Muddy video doesn’t have a Ford pickup playing in the mud – instead showing a shiny F-250 using PowerStroke power to pull a loaded tractor trailer out of the mud.

According to the details, the owner of this diesel F-250 came across a semi that had tried to turn around on the side of the road, but it got stuck in the mud. Fortunately, this PowerStroked Ford came along to save the day.

Even with the full size trailer hooked up to the buried big rig, the “little” Ford F-250 is able to drag the huge combo out of the mud and onto dry land.

Even though this tractor trailer likely weighs way more than the F-250 max towing capacity, this short burst of pulling power is no problem for the PowerStroke diesel in freeing the mud-locked semi.

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