F-150 Stepside Wows the Crowd: Muddy Monday

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1978 Ford F-150 Stepside proves that age is just a number, and embarrasses the newer, fancier off-road trucks.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features what once was a 1978 Ford F-150 Stepside pickup. It’s hard to tell because of the mud and other gunk, but the body appears to be from such era, although the front grille and other design elements may have been swapped at some point.

This footage by CarWarz was captured at the Country Boys Spring Mud Bog, where more than a few dozen lifted trucks strutted their stuff in the flooded mud pits. Sadly, there aren’t many details on this Ford F-150, but it’s clear that the owner has added a monster suspension setup to make room for the gigantic tractor tires.


As one would expect, heavy duty differentials allow the unknown amount of horsepower from the throaty V8 to transfer efficiently to the terrain. As a result, this classic Ford pickup is a total beast in the mud, and this video shows just how capable it is through the deepest mud.

As you can see, this pit is an intricate mix of deep, thick mud and even deeper water. The driver starts off by easing through the terrain, but as the video goes on he lets the F-150 stretch its legs, each time slinging mud high into the air.

At one point, the mean F-150 cruises around a Dodge Ram which appears to be buried, but the big Ford never falters.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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