MUDDY MONDAY Ford F-150 Plays in a Puddle

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f150 little mud hole

Sometimes our Muddy Monday videos feature trucks playing at big mud bog areas with mud and water in every direction, but not everyone has a proper mud bog area to play in. Some of us have to resort to finding a random little mud hole out in the woods and just go back and forth, playing in whatever slop is available. Today’s Muddy Monday video features one such small mud hole, through which a jacked up F-150 spends a few minutes climbing back and forth.

At first, the F-150 eases down into the little trench and it looks like something that the high riding half ton Ford might climb right up out of, but when the truck gets further into the mud, we can see that it is very loose, slick footing. As the F-150 gets away at the slippery surface, the truck quickly digs deeper trenches in the soft mud, forcing the driver to back up and make another run – over and over.

Fortunately, after spending a minute maneuvering around to where the F-150 could get the best footing, the driver was able to climb up and out to the other side.

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