F-150 Mudslinger Upsets the Crowd: Muddy Monday

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Purpose-built F-150 shows spectators who’s boss.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a tenth-generation (1997-2003) Ford F-150 playing in the mud pit at the Central Florida Motorsports Park.

While no details were shared on this F-150, there are a few things beyond the generation which are pretty obvious. This Ford has a serious chassis build, which coupled with the monster truck-like suspension setup, lifts the F-150 high into the air.


Also, it’s clear that the V8 under the hood is a bit stronger than the stock engine from that generation. Provided that it came from the factory with the strongest 5.4L V8 option from that era (except the Lightning), this truck would have 260 horsepower and 350lb-ft of torque.

Throughout the two-minute video, the driver of this Ford truck charges across the mud pit, skimming across the shallow mud and digging hard when it hits the deeper muck. While the chunky mud slows it down a bit, this wannabe monster truck manages to sling it everywhere, including places where it probably shouldn’t go.

Watch and find out!

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