Muddy Monday: F-150 Mega Mudder

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A wicked Ford F-150 mega mud truck shows the competition who’s the sheriff in town.

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a tenth generation Ford F-150, which has been transformed into a monster mud truck. We don’t have any details on this monster, but it is pretty clear that there aren’t many components on this truck which would have come from the factory.

The body appears to be largely original, but it’s obvious that nothing south of the body is. This F-150 has a gigantic suspension system with high performance differentials turning gigantic wheels wrapped in very big tires. Of course, there is a roaring V8 at the heart of the mean machine.

Things get a little hairy when the F-150 hits a gigantic mud hole (around the 1:15 mark), and it appears as though it may have met its match. However, the driver keeps the wheels spinning and the V8 roaring, allowing the truck to continue to inch forward through the deep mud. In fact, if you look at how high this F-150 sits, the bottom of the body is likely higher off of the ground than the roof of a modern half-ton truck. Needless to say, a mud hole deep enough to swallow a stock truck is almost enough to stop this monster F-150. Almost…

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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Video via: [Billy U. Tolbert]

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