MUDFEST F-150 Gets Stuck, Backs Out Before a Chevy Can Help

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f150 stuck in mud 600
This week’s Mudfest video features a Ford F-150 that has been lifted and fitted with a set of 35-inch mud tires, showing us how not to tackle the mud pit.

The driver pulls his jacked up F-150 down into the mud and seems to be making good progress at first, but as he reaches the middle of the pit – he gets stuck. He spins the tires a bit, but neither forward nor backward efforts seem to get this F-150 any less stuck.

The great minds involved with this video converge on the stuck F-150 and they went so far as to hook up a tow strap and at the other end is what appears to be a Chevy Colorado.

Surely not wanting to be pulled out by a little truck, the F-150 manages to get enough grip in reverse to back up out of the mud without any assistance from the Chevy. As a half-ton truck owner myself, I can totally understand how this guy wouldn’t want to get pulled by a little truck.

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