MUDFEST Diesel F-250 Races Around a Mud Course

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yellow diesel mud racer 600

This week’s Mudfest video features a short cab, short bed Ford F-250 packing an obviously modified PowerStroke diesel engine.

The details on this F-250 are unfortunately nonexistent, but based on how well this Super Duty gets through this course under a veil of thick, black smoke – it is clear that the owner has done some work to the truck.

I would guess that there is a fair amount of engine tuning done and possibly some suspension work for this F-250 to handle the abuse of the mud track.

During the first lap in the video, the drive of the bright yellow PowerStroked F-250 seems to ease the truck over the jumps and into the deep mud, seemingly working to keep the truck in one piece.

However, that comes to an end on the second lap, when the driver begins to hit the hills with enough speed to get some air. In fact, around the 1:33 mark, this big Super Duty regular cab pickup takes flight in the middle of the course and the crowd celebrates the high flying feat.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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