MUDDY MONDAY Bronco II Clears the Mud, Too

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bronco ii mud

Most of the Ford Bronco sport utility vehicles that we feature on Muddy Monday are the larger, F-150-based versions, but this week’s mudslinging video showcases a high-riding Bronco II that makes short work of this monster mud bog.

We don’t have any details on this Ford Bronco II, but we know that this video was shot just earlier this month at the Silver Willow Classic Mud Bog. Part of the mudding fun in Silver Willow included this long, deep water hole with a short run down and a whole lotta water. When the Bronco II first hits the water and begins to get deeper and deeper, it looks like the relatively small SUV might be in trouble, but the water shallows a bit and the little Bronco surges on through to the end.

While many of the hard charging mud trucks are based on heavy duty pickups, this Bronco II is proof that the small SUVs can hold their own just as well.

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