Muddy Monday: Bikini-Clad Ladies in a Mudding F-250

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Ford trucks

Ford Truck Gets Stuck in the Mud, But the Ladies in the Back Still Make It An Entertaining Video

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a first-generation Ford F-250 Super Duty (1999-2007) playing in a serious mud pit. We don’t get any details on this big Ford truck, but we can see that it clearly has a lift kit of some sort making room for big tires. They don’t appear to be aggressive mud tires, and based on the mudding performance of this Super Duty, maybe the driver should look to get some heavier duty mud tires before trying to tackle this pit again.

Ford trucks

In addition to the big lift, this older F-250 Super Duty has a pair of chairs strapped into the bed and as the truck strolls through the deep, muddy water, a pair of young ladies in skimpy bikinis cling to those chairs. It all appears to be going well until the right side wheels drop into a deep under water ditch, burying the Ford in muddy water up past the wheels. The driver tries to dig out, but after giving up, another big truck comes in to pull the F-250 out of the mud.

Now, in most cases, we don’t like to feature mudding fail videos, unless they show a Ford pulling some other truck out of the slop, but in this case, the ladies in the back continue the muddy fun even after the truck has gotten stuck.

Ford trucks

During the process of pulling the F-250 out of the hole, the girls in the back begin sweeping mud off of the side of the truck and throwing it at the driver. At some point, the ladies are out the truck and the driver decides that he is going to make sure that they both get good and dirty. Even though there is no truck mudding action after the 18 second mark, the ladies playing in the mud in tiny bikinis make this a great mudding video.

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