Muddy Monday: Big Bronco Tries and Tries Again

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Big Bronco

Big Bronco Refuses to Give Up

This week’s Muddy Monday video features a full sized 1994 Ford Bronco XLT taking on a steep and muddy hill! The video’s owner has been stingy with the details, but it’s sweet footage nonetheless. The only thing we know about this big Bronco, is that it has a 6 inch lift and 33 inch off-road tires. Also, based on the sound and our trained ear, the V8 engine under the hood is relatively stock.

In this video by Moises Giadans, we see the Bronco make a run at a steep, muddy “hill.” A short run-up area that gets progressively steeper is all the driver has to gain momentum. Consequently, it all ends with an almost vertical climb to the top. Sadly, the Bronco’s back wheels get stuck on the lower section, forcing him to back down for another try.

On the second try, the big Bronco has enough momentum to get the rear over the edge, allowing this SUV to cruise to the top!

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