Big Bronco Is Unrelenting: Muddy Monday

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A big Ford Bronco appears to be stuck, but the driver is determined in his pursuit of dry land.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the CarWarz YouTube channel and it features a 5th generation Ford Bronco taking on a treacherous water hole at the Fall 2017 Walton’s Mud Bog in Ontario, Canada. There are no details on this beast, but it appears as though it is relatively stock. It sits a little higher than stock and it has some big, honkin’ mud tires at all four corners, but it has a stock body and it looks like a truck that the owner could easily drive on the street.

5g Bronco in Canada

Slow and Steady

The video begins at the 90s Ford Bronco eases into the deep, watery mud pit. As soon as it enters the water, the Bronco is submerged up to the grille, but the big Ford SUV continues to push forward. The slow-and-steady method works, as the driver is able to drive up out of the first water hole before conquering a second hole that looks just as deep. While he didn’t go blasting through like some of the more serious mud trucks, the Bronco made it look fairly easy on this first run.

The Going Gets Tougher

On the second run, the big Ford heads into the hole and we can immediately see that this water is even deeper. The water surges up over the headlights as the truck pitches to an awkward angle and forward progress is halted. The driver continues to dig, but rather than moving forward, the Bronco appears to be digging itself a deeper hole as the vehicle rotates slightly in the water. For well over a minute, the big SUV spins its tires in the slop as smoke pours from the front wheelwells and at this point, it seems likely that we will watch something else pull this Bronco out of the water.

However, with its unrelenting effort, the Ford Bronco is able to eventually right itself and continue along to dry land.

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