Bad-Ass Ford Ranger Plays Dirty

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badass ford ranger

This week’s Muddy video features a heavily modified Ford Ranger pickup playing in some very deep mud at the Geneva Road Mud Bog in St. Louis, Michigan. The title of this video begins with “One Bad-ass Ford Ranger”, and while there are tons of false claims about bad-ass vehicles on the Internet – this might be one of the most legitimate claims.

We don’t know anything about this Ford Ranger, but we can tell just from looking at the truck while parked that very few of the components came on a production Ford Ranger. It has more of the pieces of a first gen Ranger body and it looks like it could have the original Ranger frame, but it definitely has a built V8 and a suspension setup that makes it more like a monster truck than a compact pickup.

In this video, we watch as this wicked “little” Ford Ranger storms from one side of the deep mud bog to the other without ever really breaking a sweat.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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