A Bad Apple Ford Ranger with a Bow-tie on the Grille

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bad apple ranger

This week’s Muddy video features a Ford Ranger mud truck known as the Bad Apple as it takes on the slop at the Town Road Mud Bog.

There are no details on this Ford Ranger, but we can tell that it is a purpose built mud truck, with the front axle nearly ahead of the front bumper and based on the roar of this small Ford pickup – it has a monster V8 which was never offered in this Ranger.

Really, this badass Ford truck could be a larger truck chassis, perhaps from the F-150, with a Ranger body replacing the larger body or it could be a massively modified Ranger. Also, based on the Chevy badge on the grille, it could be a Chevy truck chassis and/or engine.

In any case, this Ford Ranger storms through the mud over and over, as the Bad Apple shows that it is very good at playing in the mud.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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