Muddy Monday Presented by Yokohama

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Watch a larger-than-life 2008 Ford F-550 diesel conquer every obstacle it encounters!

This week’s “Muddy Monday” video features a 2008 (or 2009) Ford F-550 SuperCrew long-bed. The massive configuration makes for one long truck, but it gave the builder more room to build a chassis and suspension that makes this truck nearly unstoppable!

The details are short, but this F-550 is powered by a 6.0L Power Stroke diesel, which has been modified to make more power. A huge exhaust stack pokes through the middle of the hood, because why the hell not? Behind the giant mud racing tires is an elaborate suspension setup, which lifts the body of this big Ford a good six or sever feet off of the ground. Between the tires, the suspension, and the monster diesel engine under the hood, this Ford F-550 looks like the kind of mud truck a wealthy enthusiast would drive.


At first, the black and blue behemoth drives through shallow mud holes, which might be a challenge for a stock pickup. However, the driver quickly turns into the deep mud, showing what this monster Ford is really capable of.

As the video goes on, the mud gets deeper and deeper and the obstacles get sloppier. For all we know, there could be compact cars hidden under the mud, and the F-550 probably cruised right through them!

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