Muddy Monday: 1992 Ford F-250 Sliding Around in the Slop

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This week’s Muddy Monday video by, Mike Wudkevich, features a 1992 Ford F-250 with an extended cab and long bed playing in the mud.

We don’t often see many trucks from this generation with the big wheelbase being used for mud trucks, but this high-riding beast shows that they can be as much fun in the slop as the smaller and more agile trucks.

With the help of a 7.5 liter diesel engine, a 6-inch suspension lift, a 4-inch body lift, and a set of aggressive 37-inch mud tires, this 1992 F-250 makes short work of the slick mud. As you can see, the slop isn’t very deep, but it still makes traction extremely difficult, nonetheless. Fortunately, that doesn’t stop this murdered-out F-250 from reaching the edge of the pit.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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