‘Mr. Sicko’ Is a Purpose-Built Burnout Machine

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Its only job is to burn rubber, and it seems to do so remarkably well!

The continent of Australia has an amazing sub-culture of gearheads who build extremely high performance vehicles. This awesome video by Petrolfumes features what appears to be a 1978 Ford F-150 burnout machine from New Zealand, showing us what the folks down under are capable of building.

The Ford in the video is named Mr. Sicko, and while Americans love burnout competitions as well, ours are a little different, typically consisting of the vehicle remaining stationary while roasting the tires. The Australian version differs, with theirs taking place on a large skid pad and calling a burnout competition something we would consider drifting, more or less.


In any case, folks in Australia and New Zealand pack as much power as they can into their vehicles, and this F-150 is a shining example of this automotive subculture. Under the hood is a supercharged V8, which looks like something you might see in an NHRA funny car or top fuel racer. When you put all of that power to the rear wheels of a small pickup, it makes for one incredible smoke factory!

Mr. Sicko spends about a minute swinging the back-end around the tarmac, with the rear tires spewing smoke into the air. We frequently lose sight of the truck, but when it emerges from the cloud of tire smoke the rear tires have been completely blown out.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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