MPT Performance Ecoboosted Runs 12-Second 1/4

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According to MPT Performance, this is the fastest EcoBoost F-150 in the world. Whether or not you think that’s true, depends on the EcoBoost trucks you’ve seen. For me though, this is the fastest 3.6-liter EcoBoost truck I’ve seen yet.

With the help of water and methanol injection, this truck does the quarter mile in about 12 and a half seconds. I think it’s easy to get desensitized when it comes to drag strip times when you’re spending all day watching diesel mustangs crest 200 mph in a mile, but a 12 second car is really fast. There’re just aren’t many cars that’ll haul ass like that off the lot.

So. Have you seen faster? Post it in the comments if you have.

For good measure, here’s an even faster truck. This one is older, sure… But it has a big block. And it runs nines. I like to call that aging with grace.

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