Monster Truck Pulls Off World’s First Front Flip!

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Forget boring backflips, this truck pulls off the most amazing stunt ever!

Monster trucks have been defying the laws of physics for decades. These massive, heavy, and incredibly powerful vehicles are more like real life cartoon characters than anything else. And to keep crowds entertained, drivers are always looking to push the envelope just a little further. We saw our first monster truck backflip just a few years ago, but now one driver has achieved the first front flip in history.

It happened just this week at the Monster Jam World Finals 18 at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. Lee O’Donnell, piloting VP Racing’s Mad Scientist, accomplished the impressive feat during the freestyle competition, when drivers go all out just to grab enough points to win. And to whip the crowd into a frenzy, of course.

Monster Truck

After putting on an impressive show that includes a couple of near-rollovers, O’Donnell clearly saved the best for last. Following a jump, O’Donnell lands in a wheelie and keeps the front wheels off the ground by giving it some throttle. He then hit the next jump with the rear wheels, which catapulted him into a front flip.

It was a stunt so insane that he simply “dropped the mic” by purposely flipping the truck back onto its roof. No need to go any further, because you’re not going to top that. Unless you can pull off a triple corkscrew, perhaps.

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