Monster Truck Attempts Double Back Flip

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“Because double back flips aren’t just for BMXers, motocross, or Instagram videos that’s why.” That’s the line of thinking I imagine going through the head of Tom Meents when he decided to do the impossible at this year’s Monster Jam World Finals when he took his 10,500 pound monster truck that makes 1,500 horsepower and attempt a double backflip.


I don’t think that Tom believes the laws of physics apply to him, or his insane vehicle. And just to let you know, a normal single backflip is an extremely difficult task to pull off in a monster trucks. But a double backflip is just absolutely insane.

And for those that don’t think so, watch the video below and see the carnage and havoc that not only happens while in the air, but also what happens to the truck once it’s made its way back down to Earth.

Let’s just say, the truck doesn’t exactly survive in one piece. Enjoy.

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