Monster Super Duty Rescues Weaker Rides (Video)

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Viral Clip of Ford Mud Truck Saving Stranded GMC and Jeep Mudders Proves Blue Oval Makes the Best Off-Road Vehicles

Everybody loves a good mud run, but who do you call when even the biggest trucks get stuck? The answer: not Ghostbusters. No, you call this monster Ford Super Duty mud truck. With a 460 under the hood and giant 54-inch tires, this truck rescues poor Chevy drivers all day.

And that’s exactly what we see in this exciting video. Our hero flat-bed Super Duty mud truck first rescues a GMC with a broken rear drive shaft. Then the driver takes a break by making a mud run of his own. It isn’t fair to let everybody else have all the fun.

The Super Duty proves that it is quite capable of traversing the deep mud. It even takes on the bank with little trouble. Hilariously enough, our driver is forced to take the bank to avoid a stuck Chevy in the middle of the mud pit.

When a Jeep tries and fails the same maneuver, our hero comes to the rescue once again. It’s a nice display of comradery in an otherwise vicious brand war. And isn’t that what mudding is all about? Then again, maybe he just wanted to clear the way so he could go again.

Either way, this video is further proof that Fords make the best off road vehicles. The same mud that swallowed a Jeep, GMC and Chevy cannot stop a Super Duty mud truck. And it doesn’t matter whether he’s pulling somebody else or not.

So next time you’re down at the local mud hole, consider bringing a tow rope with you. You never know when one of those “other” brands might need rescuing.

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