Watch This Monster Ford F-150 Eat Serious Mud!

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There are trucks, lifted trucks, and then there are monster trucks. While this Ford F-250 isn’t quite as big as the official Bigfoot, it’s tall enough to go through what most average trucks couldn’t even imagine.

This video by, CarWarz, brings us to the Melbourne Mud Madness event in Melbourne Beach, Florida, where it looks like a handful of guys are utilizing the local mud holes to have a little fun in the sun. The protagonist of the video is a super jacked-up mid-2000’s Ford F-250, which seems to have received the-works treatment from its owner and local 4×4 shop. That build certainly wasn’t cheap!

While there aren’t any specifications or modifications listed on the YouTube video description, it doesn’t take an expert to realize just how much aftermarket work has gone into this Super Duty. For starters, the massive tires are about as tall as a normal Ford F-250, which means that when they disappear entirely into the mud hole, that’s what would happen if a stock truck followed the same path.

From the sound of the diesel engine during certain parts of the video, it leads one to believe that the transmission was converted over to a manual instead from an automatic. One can hear the driver engage and disengage the throttle a handful of times.

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