Going Viral: Monster Bronco Goes Racing at ‘Run What Ya Brung’

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High-riding Bronco proves that monster trucks aren’t just for crushing cars and crossing deep mud.

We can’t stop watching this crazy clip from the CarWarz YouTube channel, featuring a Ford Bronco tearing around an outdoor Tough Truck course. By some standards, this truck isn’t going all that fast, but for a vehicle of this size, the driver does a great job of navigating the tight course.

Tough Truck Bronco

We feature a great many Tough Truck videos here on FordTrucks and it is not unusual to see a Ford Bronco racing around the tight, jump-filled tracks. However, most of those SUVs are street vehicles sentenced to death on the rough course.

On the other hand, this is clearly not a Ford Bronco built to rattle to pieces on the Tough Truck track. It has a huge suspension setup with gigantic mud tires, looking like the perfect vehicle to blast across a deep mud bog or to crush a row of old cars. Trucks like this Bronco generally aren’t made to corner, but as this owner shows us, tackling the track with some patience allows a monster truck to become a Tough Truck.

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