Monster Ford Mustang vs Lamborghini BattleDrift

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Your life won’t be the same after watching this Ford Mustang chase down a Lamborghini Murcielago drifting through an abandoned Russian village in Japan. Yes, we all dream of owning Monster race cars like these but the landscape of the roads is just as tasteful. Located in Niigata, Japan Vaughn Gittin, Jr’s 550 HP Monster Energy Mustang challenges Daigo Saito’s 650 HP Monster Energy Lamborghini Murcielago. This out-of-bounds drifting action is caught with unreal camera angles making this one of the most thrilling movies done by Monster Energy to date.

The scenes from inside the wheel well showing the Lambo’s unique quad-damper rear suspension at work is thrilling. I was also impressed by the inside the cabin camera work showing the feet and hands in-motion of both drivers. This is exactly what I see from authentic Japanese racing videos online. Monster Energy’s director or maybe if they have a director of photography on staff captured these scenes brilliantly. The Monster Team really puts the audience in the driver’s seat. The closeups are superb and the orienting shots above the twisty roads are just as good. Must have been a unmanned aerial vehicle with a little GoPro but still great HD crispness.

Circling the web for some time now has been these two drift-spec Monster Energy race cars but never have they done such a crazy video together. Gittin, Jr’s “Aluminator” Ford Mustang surprisingly keeps real close to the Lambo through the switchbacks and tight straights. If it was Gittin, Jr’s driving skill or the super tuned Mustang driving abilities I must say bravo for the bumper-to-bumper race. I can see the Mustang really has evolved into an amazing car now with the new independent rear axle. The Lambo is also tuned in every way possible from what it loos like and info on the web. It also has been converted to RWD from AWD which offers a more dramatic look and driving feel I imagine.

Do you know of any areas in your neck of the woods that offers the same Touge racing backdrop and similar roads? I know in the Pacific Northwest we have some mountainous roads that could fit the bill for a video like this. Share with us some great driving roads.

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