Model T Club Goes Off-Roading: Muddy Monday

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Ford Motor Company’s first successful car shows that it could cover a sloppy path just like the modern F-Series.

This week’s Muddy Monday video comes to us from the Warwick Landy YouTube channel and it features a Ford Model T owner’s club driving their antique machines down a sloppy dirt road. The odds are good that most owners of historic Model Ts would avoid driving on a dirt road at all costs, let alone a muddy road, but the Victorian Model T Ford Club in Moama New South Wales proved that they werent afraid of a little mud.

Antique Off-Roading

While we know that these Model Ts are owned by members of the Victorian Model T Ford Club in New South Wales, we don’t know why they decided to drive down this dirt road. We would guess that they didn’t have a choice and once they had made it this far, they chose to brave the mud rather than to turn back.

Green Ford Model T Off-Roading

As the video begins, the first antique Ford is clearing the mud while the second powers through the deepest part without any problem. The third and fourth drivers ride along the edge of the pit, trying to avoid the deep parts, but the fifth and sixth Model T drivers hammer the deepest part of the slop.

The fifth antique Ford, a green four-door, goes all-out drifting as the driver spins the wooden wheels in the deep mud. This driver is definitely all about having fun with his antique Ford and after the other drivers went pretty easy, it is great to see someone really let it all hang out with an old Model T.

White Ford Model T

While this isn’t the most extreme off-roading action that we have featured, a collection of Model Ts playing in the mud on the Australian continent is probably the most unique footage we have featured.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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