Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by Nitto Tire

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Drone films previous-generation Ford Raptor trophy truck tearing up the sand dunes from a birds-eye perspective.

The Ford F-150 Raptor is an incredible performance truck, regardless of its generation. But this Raptor, owned by YouTuber Stefano ath, has been transformed to near-trophy truck status and filmed playing in the sand dunes. Best of all, the footage is captured via drone, so you get a fairly unique perspective of the widened Raptor sliding around in the sand.

This off-road badass has a long-travel suspension setup with the rear damper towers poking through the bed, and attaching to the rest of the roll-cage behind the rear seat. This makes the setup visible in the drone footage, which is totally cool. This arrangement gives the wheels far more travel, but it also extends the wheels out a bit, widening the stance and making the truck more stable and capable at high-speed.


In order to keep the wheels and tires tucked inside the body, this Ford Raptor also rocks flared fenders and flared bedsides. In addition, an off-road front bumper and a tubular tailgate make it extra tough for the trails.

The results of these modifications is a Raptor which looks and performs like an off-road trophy truck, but still maintains some of the interior comforts of the road-going version. More importantly, the complicated suspension setup allows it to soar across pretty much anything the vlogger might encounter.

Enjoy the show, and the interesting angle!

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Truckin’ Fast Wednesday Presented by the Nitto Ridge Grappler

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