Modded Power Wheels Ford Raptor: Ultimate Kids Toy!

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Ford Raptor

World’s greatest dad helps raise the next generation of Ford truck fans with this sweet battery-powered build!

If you were lucky growing up, you probably had some sort of Power Wheels vehicle. But you must admit, kids today have it made. We certainly never had anything as cool as a motorized Ford Raptor. Today, kids have their choice of a number of awesome battery-powered rides to terrorize the neighborhood in. But if you’re really lucky, you’ve got a dad like Asanjay Fernando.

Because Fernando not only bought his two-year old a Ford Raptor Power Wheel, but he’s also modding it to make it even cooler. He’s documented the entire build over at Modified Power Wheels, which in and of itself is a fantastic time-waster of a site, we might add. But the best part of the entire story is that Fernando’s son isn’t even big enough to drive the thing yet. Sounds like a true Ford truck enthusiast, and a great dad to boot!

When the future Ford fan is big enough, he’s going to be in for a real treat. Fernando has already installed goodies like a real key, digital battery gauge, and 6 volt horn. Which, thankfully, also has a kill switch for when it inevitably gets annoying. An impressive light display consists of police strobe lights, a pair of LED strips under the side steps, and LED headlights. Even the interior sports blue LED lighting!

And that’s not all. Fernando fashioned a set of real seatbelts out of luggage straps to keep his son safe. Heck, he even beefed up traction for the plastic tires with bicycle tubes! Throw in real glass side mirrors and switches to control everything, and you’ve got one sweet mini Ford Raptor. Of course, Fernando also wired the whole thing with a remote kill module just in case junior gets a little too carried away.

Obviously, we’re more than a little jealous of this sweet Power Wheel Ford Raptor. But we’ve also got to hand it to Fernando for doing his part to raise the next generation of Ford truck enthusiasts!

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