Mike Shultz and Mike Deddo of Turtle Wax® presents Waxin’ & Chattin’: A series of How-To Videos

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Turtle Wax® Shows You How to Protect Your Car

Chicago, IL (10/29/10) – The genius minds behind the popular Turtle Wax car care series Waxin’ and Chattin’ are back! Mike Schultz and Mike Deddo return for two new How-To videos designed to show you how to use the one and only Turtle Wax ICE formula and how to remove bugs and tar from your vehicle’s finish.

“How Do I Remove Bugs & Tar?” you’ll learn how easy it is to remove “Love Bugs” and road tar using Turtle Wax’s Bug and Tar Remover. Mike & Mike, give a detailed look at the finer points of removing bugs and tar without hard rubbing or buffing so you don’t create incidental scratches on the paint. The great thing is, it really only takes just a few minutes.

In the fifth episode of their Mike & Mike series, they are Waxin’ and Chattin’ about “How To Apply ICE Polish”. In this video, they demonstrate using the all-in-one, easy to use, and time saving application to your vehicles surface to make it shine again. The best part of ICE Polish, is that it can be used on all surfaces – such as and not limited to – paint, chrome, dark and light plastic, and glass. Mike and Mike explain in detail, step by step instructions on how to apply and wipe off ICE Polish. Then, that’s it, no other products to use and it looks great!

These two videos are the newest in a line of how-to videos featuring Turtle Wax products and great tips on making your vehicle look its best. Check out www.MakingLifeShine.net for these How-To videos and more.

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