Midsize-Truck Tug of War? Ford vs. Isuzu (Video)

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Ford Ranger Takes on Isuzu Pickup in Hilarious Truck Pull from Down Under

We don’t know about you, but we’ve watched lots of “truck pull” videos, and they usually feature two monster trucks. Whether it is a Ford Super Duty versus a Silverado 2500, or a Ram Power Wagon versus a lifted Tahoe, they’re always big trucks yanking on each other.


What about a midsize-truck tug of war? Have ever seen such a thing? We haven’t…until now, that is! Behold an Australian midsize-truck pull¬†— because only the adventurous¬†Aussies would think of such a thing.

This video by Allistairc123¬†takes us to the land down under, where the lack of full-size pickups makes the locals work with what they’ve got. In this case, it’s a Ford Ranger and an Isuzu pickup truck. Needless to say, it’s kind of hilarious to watch.

The two little trucks chain themselves up and proceed to battle. It doesn’t take long for the strongest truck to emerge victorious, and for the loser to spew clutch smoke into the atmosphere.

It’s unclear what kind of performance the Isuzu packs, but it seems it’s no match for the Ford Ranger. Though that’s not really a surprise to us, is it? After all, we’ve brought you plenty of insane videos on how Ford torture tested the Ranger to surpass massive challenges.

This video reminds us. When is the Ford Ranger coming to the States again? Hurry up!

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