Meziere Introduces the new Super Duty electric water pump for Modular Engine Ford.

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Escondido, California, January 13, 2011 ““ Meziere Enterprises now builds a pump for street enthusiasts that run aftermarket belt driven superchargers. If your application requires the pump to work under the added stress of a high tension supercharger belt we offer a great new product.  With the proven Meziere 55 gallon per minute flow rate technology and dual bearing idler pulley, this pump can stand up to the beating that the high RPM and the higher belt tension dish out.  As with all electric pump conversions from Meziere, you increase horsepower to the wheels by reducing the engine driven load.  You also get quick cool downs when at the track and reduced temperatures during stop and go driving.

Keeping up with the performance industry has its challenges.  The mechanical belt tension and high boost rates associated with the aftermarket centrifugal supercharges are deadly to the bearings in the accessories that share the belt with the supercharger.  With that in mind we built the Super Duty pump to live where no other pump can.

The new Ford Modular engine Super Duty electric water pump, part number WP349S can be ordered through Meziere or any of our numerous dealers in the US, Canada and Australia.

Retail Price   $560.84

About Meziere Enterprises

Meziere Enterprises ( is the most innovative supplier of performance water pumps in the world. We design, develop and manufacture performance parts for all forms of motorsports and the serious hobbyist.  We build components, for performance vehicles, and original equipment manufacturers.  We manufacture in North America, but sell to Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Our capabilities include the design, engineering, testing and manufacture of automotive cooling systems; driveline parts and chassis components.  Meziere Enterprises is committed to product development, engineering, sales and customer service and is located in Escondido, California.

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