Mexican National Police Use Baddest Ford in the Land

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What is the most bad ass Ford you can buy? Whatever you’re thinking, whether it’s the new Super Duty or the Raptor, you’re wrong. You’re wrong because the Terradyne Gurkha RPV is the baddest Ford in the land. It’s a custom-built war machine built atop a Ford F-550 chassis, and it’s just loads of badass, baddie-crushing madness. It’s also used by the Mexican National Police.

That’s right. We might be patrolling our borders with Mexico in lowly Raptors, but the Federales are using the equivalent of a tank. Check out this promotional video, released by Terradyne, showing the police in action, along with their prized Terradyne Gurkha PPV.

Does the Gurkha look familiar? Not only have we featured it here before, but it’s also the vehicle driven in Fast Five by the baddies. It truly is an amazing piece of kit. Plus, it’s built in Canada, which isn’t exactly where I’d expect something like this to be built.

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via [Terradyne]

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