‘MERICUH! European Ford Mustangs in Dealerships by July 4th

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European Mustang EcoBoost

European Ford Mustang EcoBoost (Photo: Klaus Stadler)

If you live across the pond and have already ordered a 2015 Ford Mustang, I have good news for you! Earlier this week the first shipment of cars were loaded onto a boat and have been sent sailing towards the continent! On top of that, the symbol of American freedom and performance will arrive by the 4th of July; Independence Day!

According to the Detroit Free Press, a staggering 5,000 new Mustangs are already spoken for. Despite the strong initial sales, Ford believes they have enough in this allotment to meet demand. Of course, that’s assuming that sales meet projections. If people go crazy over the new Mustang, another allotment might be necessary.

Clear LED taillights are standard on European Mustangs (Photo: Klaus Stadler)

Clear LED taillights are standard on European Mustangs (Photo: Klaus Stadler)

Sales in Europe have been rebounding slowly, with a 1.5% increase last month over the year prior. The biggest growth area of Ford in Europe has been the commercial vehicle space, with strong sellers from both the Ford Transit and Transit Connect.

Are you in Europe and have a Mustang on order? We’d love to hear from you! Head on over to the forums and sound off with the rest of the Mustang fans!

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photos via [Klaus Stadler]

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