Meet the Man Behind the Incredible Retro Super Duty!

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Retro Super Duty

Fueled by nothing more than a brilliant idea and some rudimentary artistic tools, one man made this retro Super Duty a reality.

Little did we know that a single, simple image could attract such fervor. But as quickly as we fell in love with the idea of this retro Super Duty build, we couldn’t have possibly predicted what would happen next.

For starters, we simply shared this mysterious image, retweeted by none other than Ford North America Product Communications Manager Mike LevineThen, thanks to loyal Ford Truck Enthusiasts follower Sean and a reward of $200, we found out where it came from. And now, we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with the man behind the throwback build.

Retro Super Duty

That hero among men is Kory Swan, a sales consultant at Dewey Ford in Ankeny, Iowa. And incredibly enough, the whole idea for this retro Super Duty began about as earnest as it possibly could, much like how we all sit around and talk shop with our buddies about how we miss the way trucks used to be.

The difference here, of course, is that Swan decided to do something about it. Fueled by nothing more than the passion of a true Ford enthusiast and some rudimentary artistic tools, he saw his idea for a retro Super Duty go from dream to reality. And here’s how it all went down.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts: Obviously, our readers immediately fell in love with your retro Super Duty idea. What gave you the inspiration to make this beautiful truck a reality?

Kory Swan: It all started when a great friend and coworker, Nick Williams, and I were talking in his office. We got to talking about the trucks we’ve loved the most and how trucks today have gotten so plain and stale. So, we printed a truck from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s and then a brand-new one. No lie, you can’t make this up: We used Wite-Out, a highlighter, and permanent marker and designed it on paper. After getting completely stoked to make it come to life, we started making calls.

Retro Super Duty

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