We’re Sure Glad this ‘Broncosaurus’ F-250 Isn’t Extinct!

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Broncosaurus F-250

The front half of an F-250, the back half of a Bronco, two extra doors and a diesel engine create the perfect Frankentruck.

Parts from several different Ford trucks, plenty of fabrication skill and some American ingenuity went into transforming a 1994 Ford F-250 into a four-door, long wheelbase beast known as the “Broncosaurus.” This mean machine isn’t roaming the plains yet, but over the course of the past 15 months, this cool project has nearly come to life in this thread from the Ford Truck Enthusiast forums.

Introducing ‘Broncosaurus’

Forum member “IDIoit” found that he had too many trucks sitting around in need of rebuilding, so rather than tripping over a handful of trucks that he wasn’t using, he decided to combine them into one machine. That machine is the Broncosaurus.

Bronco Teardown

This build started off as a 1986 Bronco, a 1994 F-250 Regular Cab and a 1991 F-250 Club Cab. The OP used the frame and front clip of the ’94, the rear doors of the 1991 and the back section of the Bronco to create what is essentially a huge, four-door Bronco.

The drivetrain plans for this F-250-turned-Broncosaurus include an IDIT 7.3-liter diesel engine, a ZF5 manual transmission, a BW1356 transfer case, a D44 front axle, a D60 rear axle and 3.55 gears all around.

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