Mechanic Takes 100 MPH Joyride in Customer’s Focus ST

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Have you ever had the sneaking suspicion that your mechanic is just playing with your car or truck while it’s at the shop?

Have you watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off one too many times and think that every single valet is hooning the hell out of your baby?

Nah, that’s all TV and movie magic right? That doesn’t happen in real life. Except when it does.


This next video comes to us from a Ford Focus ST owner who recently took his car to a local shop. There was a small issue that needed to be fixed so he left the car overnight with the shop.

When he arrived the next day, his full tank of gas had all but been used, the owner asked what they had done with it and the shop replied that they had been “testing it.”

Unsure of that answer, when the problem occurred once again, the owner activated the cars onboard dash cam and tracking system and found that the shop was in gross violation of every type of rule out there.

Not only did they thrash the man’s car, taking it well past triple digit speeds, but they also rummaged through his things. Not cool guys, not cool.

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