Create the Next Pied Piper While Renting Erlich’s Aviato Ford Escape

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Through the ups and downs, twists and turns, firings and hirings in the spectacularly funny HBO show Silicon Valley, there have been two, maybe three consistencies: Richard’s extreme awkwardness, Erlich’s condescension, and the Aviato company car, a 2006 Ford Escape. And now, you can drive it.

“Before Turo, the only way to get this close to a vehicle of such storied history was – well, there wasn’t one,” the rental listing on Turo exaggerates. “But [Erlich] Bachman has generously agreed to release the beast from the driveway of his game-changing incubator, and let the masses experience the incomparable luxury and pure-adrenaline thrill that is driving a car emblazoned with the word ‘Aviato.’ ‘Aviato.’ ‘Aviato.'”

If you’re a fan of the show and Erlich, this is actually pretty awesome, especially considering the $49 per day rate is actually affordable. When’s the last time that happened?

Except there’s one problem. “This cannot be emphasized enough. You will be charged $250 for any smoking, even marijuana,” the ad states. That makes me think this entire thing is a hoax, because if it were truly Erlich’s car, he’s probably have a bong stashed away in some secret compartment, along with three different strains to choose from. *skeptical eyes*

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