Australian Maverick: The Ford Truck We Never Got: Throwback Thursday

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Commercial for the 1980s Maverick gives us a look at rare Ford truck.

To most Americans, the Ford Maverick is a compact car from the 1970s, but in Australia, it was one of the vehicles from the Motor Company that was never sold in the USA. The Aussie version was basically a Nissan Patrol with Ford badges and during the 1980s and 1990s, it was a rugged range of small trucks and SUVs marketed similarly to the American Ranger and Bronco.

Today’s Throwback Thursday video is a commercial for the Australian Ford Maverick from the YouTube channel of Geordie, and while it might pertain to a vehicle that Americans never had a chance to buy – the marketing campaign could have just as easily applied to our Ranger and Bronco.

Meet the Maverick

This Aussie commercial for the Ford Maverick begins by explaining that it was time to introduce the new thoroughbreds in the Ford stable. As the many different types of the rebadged Nissan roll out of a huge car carrier, we see that this compact utility vehicle was offered as a pickup, an SUV (they call it a wagon) and a flatbed. As the rugged little trucks storm up a grassy hill, we learn that the Maverick was offered with the buyer’s choice of a gasoline or diesel engine along with limited slip differentials and coil spring suspension.

Aussie Ford Maverick Ad

The commercial shows the Ford Maverick making short work of rough land and a deep water crossing, but the narrator claims that they ride like a car. Like the American Ranger and Bronco, the Maverick was designed to shine in every driving situation, while still offering a smooth ride on paved roads.

The title of this video suggests that there is some humor in this commercial, but for Americans, it is an interesting look at one of the Ford trucks that we never got on U.S. soil.

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