Buy Matthew McConaughey’s F-250 From ‘True Detective’

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Matthew McConaughey Ford F-250HD XL

For $15,000 you could track down a serial killer like in the acclaimed HBO series!

Matthew McConaughey’s performance as Rust Cohle in HBO’s “True Detective” will go down as one of the Texan’s best roles ever. The actor, who plays a troubled detective in two separate time periods drastically changed his look until he was almost unrecognizable. What didn’t change, however, was the red Ford F-250 the character drove for almost 20 years. Charity Buzz has gotten a hold of the actual F-250 and wants to auction it off to one lucky fan!


The truck itself is in pretty decent shape considering it was used for filming purposes. The 1997 F-250 XL is listed in “fair” condition with a low 153,345 miles in the odometer, and a good ‘ole manual transmission. The estimated value of the truck is listed as $15,000, but let’s be honest, sitting in the F-250 and feeling like McConaughey is priceless!


This is the ultimate conversation-starter and is sure to raise your badassness by at least 100%. As of this writing, the current bid is only $12,500 with the auction set to end April 20. Keep in mind, this is all for charity! The sale of the F-250 will benefit the Just Keep Living Foundation, which is a non-profit started by McConaughey himself.


So, when your friends call you insane for spending money on a beat up truck from “True Detective,” you can always just say it was for charity. See, not so crazy after all! Just don’t let them hear you repeating “Alright, alright, alright.”

If interested, you can bid here.

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