A Matte Green 1956 F-100 Defies the Norm

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Green 1956 F-100

How many red ’50s F-100 trucks with small blocks can you possibly look at before they get a little old. It’s safe to say we might have reached the limit as this look has reached new heights. It’s almost like there’s a strict step-by-step guide on how to build one somewhere.

Green 1956 F-100

Every once in a while, however, somebody decides to ignore the norm, and build a truck that dares to be different. And it doesn’t get much more different than this matte green 1956 F-100. Besides that, it represents a big, proverbial middle finger to the status quo! Perhaps that’s why I love it.

Green 1956 F-100

The matte olive green paint is an obvious departure from the typical red or black paints jobs you see everywhere. And the louvered tailgate is a nod to the past, as are the moon style hub caps. Nicely tucked under the curvy fenders, they’re courtesy of a Mercury sub frame and independent suspension.

Green 1956 F-100

The fun continues under the hood, where a 460 takes up the space where you’d normally see a small block Ford (or, gasp, a Chevy). The big block has 429 heads, a Stealth intake manifold, and an Edelbrock carb on top. A beefy C6 sits behind the big motor, sending power back to an equally beefy 9″ rear end.

Are you the type that likes to do things unconventionally, refusing to blend in with the crowd? Then this matte green 1956 F-100 is certainly your truck. It has character in spades, defying the norm that we’ve come to expect.

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