Ford Truck Goals: His & Hers Super Duty Monster Trucks

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The quest for a more practical truck led to creating a nearly identical version of his gigantic Super Duty Platinum.

Quick, what was the last really nice present you bought for your significant other? Chances are it was a pendant from the mall’s jewelry store, or maybe even a trip to an overcrowded tourist trap. Oh, and we promise we’re not speaking from experience, by the way.

James Fleckenstein is the owner of an insane and very famous Ford Super Duty Platinum monster truck. Fleckenstein isn’t your common dude or husband, so in lieu of fancy chocolates, he built a second, equally insane version of his massive truck.

Super Duty

If you aren’t already familiar with Fleckenstein’s original truck, you might be wondering why the heck he might want another one? Known as “The truck that broke the Internet,” the six-wheeled, 12,000-pound Super Duty with 65-inch rubber is nearly impossible to top. Perhaps that’s why.

Funny enough, Fleckenstein didn’t want to build something bigger, he wanted to build something simpler. Yes, he needed a truck that was a little more practical than his difficult-to-transport ride. Hauling the non-street-legal monster truck to events involved removing the massive tires with the help of three guys, an excavator, and a ton of time to complete.

Super Duty Monster Trucks

While most of us would’ve simply thrown a 6-inch lift on a stock truck and called it a day, his definition of “practical” is a little different. As this video by rekjavicxxx shows, that means four wheels instead of six. Aside from that, the two Super Duty monster trucks are virtually identical, and both roll on 65-inch tires, employ rear steering and sit on DMD Offroad subframes.

So, what are you gifting your wife next?

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