Forum Finds: Classic Ford Trucks, Sexy Foxes and Really BIG Hair!

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Get lost in the most awesome time warp ever courtesy of hundreds of incredible vintage images that we discovered in the Ford Truck Enthusiast forums.

If there’s one thing we never get tired of, it’s looking at pictures of Ford trucks. All kinds of trucks. But as we look towards to future, it is important to remember the past. We didn’t need to go further than our own Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums to find an amazing collection of classic Ford trucks taken from the 1940s to the 1980s.

These pictures are rare, revealing a vivid, evocative, and nostalgic look back at not just at the vehicles themselves, but at the time they represented. It’s easy to say this was a different time, a simpler time. But that isn’t necessarily so. What was true back in the day, and whAt will always remain true is pride of ownership. Back in the era before before Doug DeMuro, You Tube, Instagram and social media, people still loved taking photos of their rides. Look in a family photo album. You’ll see yourself, parents, grandparents posing in front of first cars, new cars, favorite cars. Our trucks and cars always have a place in our hearts and in our history.

1948 Ford F1

Apparently, our very own Ford Truck Enthusiasts members feel the same way. There are countless threads featuring old pictures and classic trucks. But if you’re looking for an extensive array of vintage vehicle goodness, look no further than this thread started by member jbfrmca entitled “Vintage Pics of Days Gone By.”


What was true back in the day, and what will always remain true is pride of ownership. Back in the era before before Doug DeMuro, YouTube and Instagram, people still loved taking photos of their rides.


This thread caught on like a wildfire, and quickly expanded to well over 100 pages of responses. And what amazing responses they are, creating a portfolio of awesome archival images that define the hardcore Ford truck enthusiast.

Vintage Ford Trucks

“I can’t speak for the group but I could look at photos like those all day long,” said filthy6.

“I enjoy all the old photos,” added 56panelford.

“Fabulous pictures. Love looking at old cars and roads back in the day,” said JimG1098.

Daytona Beach 50s

Even if you weren’t around back in the ’50s and ’60s, it’s hard to deny how cool these pictures are. Who wouldn’t want to jump in a time machine right now and head to the beach with this fleet of classic rides?

Ford Dealership

Or check out a classic car lot, with a bit of a mishap, apparently.

big hair willys

We love this picture of a hot rod pin-up gal whose hair could defy gravity. She embodies car culture and the early ’60s, just doing some work on her rig with mom getting in on the cheesecake.

Ford Trucks

Maybe you’d like to travel back to visit the Ford Rouge factory back in the late ’40s? This is something straight out of our own dreams.

Ford Dump Truck

As you might expect, there are many pictures of Ford trucks depicting them doing what they do best: Work.

1955 Bell Telephone Truck

A 1955 Bell Telephone truck on the job.

Vintage Ford pictures

Just hanging out at the pool…with the Magicar, built by racing legend Ron Covell.

Lily Munster Cloak Costume 02 11-26-6

Actress Yvonne De Carlo dressed as her alter-ego Lily Munster looking for a new family car on The Munsters. And yes, the price is $795!

Vintage Ford pictures

Linda Vaughn (in yellow) was best known as the first “Miss Hurst Golden Shifter,” for Hurst Performance. Vaughn was considered the “First Lady of Motorsports.” Photographed here with a few other Hurst Girls, and one very lucky gentleman.

But that’s just a tiny sampling of the hundreds of awesome images you’ll find in this thread. So, be sure and head over here to take a long, awesome trip down memory lane!

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