March 31, 1999 – Ford’s Electric Ranger is employee choice

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Ford’s Electric Ranger is employee choice

ATLANTA, March 31, 1999 – Ford Motor Company is playing a key role in an innovative employee leasing program announced recently by the Southern Company in Georgia. The Ford Ranger electric vehicle (EV) will be one of two EV models offered to employees to sublease from the utility company.

Southern Company’s EV Lease Program will allow employees to sublease an electric vehicle from the company at an affordable price. Approximately 400 vehicles will be leased to employees over four years, and the number of vehicles may increase based on demand.

“We believe electric vehicles will play a role in the future of transportation,” said John Wallace, director of Ford’s Environmental Vehicle Programs. “It will take innovative programs such as this one by the Southern Company to make that a reality.”

Of the 100 vehicles that the Southern Company will be leasing to employees this year, almost half of the employees chose the Ford Ranger EV over the competition. To further show Southern Company and Ford’s environmental commitment, Southern Company will loan two Ranger EVs to the Smithsonian National Zoo located in Washington DC. The Rangers will be used to educate visitors about the benefits of electric vehicles and will also be used to transport personnel and equipment

In 1998, Ford sold more Ranger EVs in Georgia than any other state. Georgia accounted for approximately 20 percent of the lead-acid electric Ranger sales for this model year.

The Ford Ranger EV was designed to be a practical, dependable compact pickup that balances performance, reliability and energy efficiency. It has a 90 horsepower, high efficiency three phase AC electric motor with a single speed transaxle. The Ranger EV has a heavy duty frame and suspension, and a robust rear-wheel drive powertrain.

According to the Southern Company, their employees chose the Ford Ranger EV because the pickup performs well and people want a vehicle they can use for weekend projects. Employees also like the Southern Company’s $150 lease price of the Ranger EV and the fact that they could seat three people in the vehicle.

Ford is a leader in satisfying the growing needs of their consumers with niche vehicles like the Ford Ranger EV. “Like all Ford trucks, the Ranger EV is ‘Built Ford Tough’,” said Wallace. “Our customers asked for an EV that drives with the safety, reliability and durability of a conventional vehicle and that’s what they’ll get with this truck. Even better, the Ranger EV is fun to drive.”

Electric vehicles offer a quiet and tailpipe emission-free alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Ford offers the broadest range of alternative fuel vehicles in the world running on electricity, natural gas, propane or ethanol.

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