March 16, 1999 – Alan Jackson song takes customers to “Ford Country” at Dallas Auto Show

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Alan Jackson song takes customers to "Ford Country" at Dallas Auto Show

Country music sensation Alan Jackson, who has been singing about Ford trucks for two years, is changing his tune. Next month, he’ll begin singing about "Ford Country" – a tribute to the people who live and work in their Ford trucks.

Jackson and the "Ford Country" song are featured in a new, fully integrated national advertising campaign for Ford trucks, which kicks off on April 1.

"’Ford Country’ is more than just a new song, it’s a powerful statement that defines Ford trucks," explained Jim O’Connor, Ford Division president and vice president, Ford Motor Company. "’Ford Country’ is not a place, it’s an attitude. It’s about pride, optimism and capturing the true spirit of Ford truck owners. And Alan Jackson is the ideal person to help us communicate this message. He epitomizes what Ford trucks are all about – genuine, hardworking and fun."

Jackson’s fans will recognize the "Ford Country" theme song. It is based on one of his first hits, "Gone Country." The new version begins, "He’s got pride in his heart, dirt on his hands. There’s one place to find a hard-working man – Ford Country."

Since his first album was released on Arista Records in 1990, Jackson has received over 50 industry awards and sold over 26 million albums.

The multi-media "Ford Country" campaign features the entire Ford brand truck line but focuses on the F-Series, Ranger and commercial trucks. J. Walter Thompson developed the overall advertising campaign, which includes three new television ads – one 60-second and two 30-second spots.

A fully integrated dealer advertising campaign starts in mid-April. National magazine and newspaper ads begin in May and are aimed at key audiences, including farmers and fans of country music, the NFL, and NASCAR racing.

"Ford’s been part of my life as long as I can remember," Jackson explained. "My Daddy worked as a mechanic for the Ford plant in Hapeville, Georgia, for 25 years and one of my first jobs was selling Ford trucks. I’m especially honored and proud to be a spokesman for Ford trucks."

You can hear "Ford Country" and learn more about the national truck advertising campaign on Ford’s web site at which goes on line in May.

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