Next Time Buy a Ford, Not a Crappy Jeep!

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Let’s say that you are in the market for a new car, so you go and buy a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee. I know, I know. Just hold on with me for a second, ok guys? So you buy this Jeep, and it manages to break and need shop time on five different occasions in the first year. You would expect Chrysler to step up and make things right by buying back the car or providing a new one. Well in Australia the rules regarding Lemon Laws are pretty vague and useless, so one man by the name of Teg Sethi is stuck with this Cherokee that is constantly broken, and he can’t get anything done about it.

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Now obviously he should have just bought a Ford Explorer to start with and none of this would be an issue, but since that is now out the question, Teg has done the next best thing. He made a full-length rap video talking about how awful his Jeep is and how crappy FCA has been about the whole thing.

I couldn’t make this up if I wanted to.

The video features lots of bumping bass, catchy chorus hooks, and a more than a few odd dancers and gold chains. The video is being used to pressure the Australian government into passing stricter Lemon Laws to stop this kind of stuff from happening in the future. The video is super funny, and I promise it’s worth the four minutes.

I still have to ask though. Why pressure Australia in to making stricter Lemon Laws? Just make everyone buy a Ford. Problem solved.

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