Mama Mia! That’s a Nice Ford F-5 Pizza Truck

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Now here’s one of the best combos around – a classic Ford truck and hot, tasty pizza. And not just any old Ford but a 1951 Ford F-5 with an Italian wood-burning oven in the bed to boot.

Polpo Pizza Company truck is owned and operated by Tom Baril and his wife Danni Bleil of Sarasota Florida.

“Our Story is about two people who are passionate about ridiculously good food, who found their joy in life (Pizza!) and who want to share it with everyone they possibly can,” the happy couple says on their website.


“The idea for Polpo Pizza Company was born from our desire to craft simple, great-tasting food that resonates with who we are, and from our desire to do something creative together in our new community.”

The “mobile purveyors of handcrafted wood-fired pizza” use the sturdy Ford F-5 for their pizza catering business in and around Sarasota.

They can usually be found on weekends at the Phillippi Farmers Market cranking out perfectly charred tasty Neapolitan pizza pies that melt in your mouth.


And if you are looking for something fun for your big Florida wedding party or at your next big event, give them a call – the pie’s the limit.

“When we roll up to your event in our vintage ’51 farm truck, outfitted with an Italian wood burning oven, beer and wine taps, and ambient lighting, we transform your party into that communal place. ”

Yum! Sign us up!

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